Pharmamedical Patient Discovery & Characterization

Eroom's law states that the money spent per successful drug development is doubling every 9 years. Then add to this that the number of drugs that successfully complete their clinical trials have been halved in the last two decades. The biggest challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry is that drug development is becoming unsustainable.

The Challenge

While understanding the biochemistry of a condition is vital to developing a treatment, an equally important part is to correctly discover and identify which patients will match well with the new treatment. Today the only way to discover and identify the correct patient is to conduct clinical trials. And new drugs fail their clinical trials not due to lack of medical effect but due to a inaccurate patient prediction.

The Solution

The "big data" revolution and impending revolution in full genome sequences (reading and converting to digital information of the genes in an organism ) will allow us to answer two important questions for the researchers developing new drugs; How many people will match well with the new treatment? and where are the highest probability of finding those people?

Our Service

Offering a bioinformatics service aiding the patient selection process prior to and during clinical trials. Our goal is to double the odds of a treatment successfully completing it's clinical trials while guaranteeing the anonymity and privacy of all gene donors.